John Deere 9420T Tractor Specs

John Deere 9420T Tractor Specs if you are thinking of buying a new John Deere tractor, then you need to be aware of its spec. The following article provides you with some important information regarding this machine. The 9420T was manufactured between 2002 and 2007. It has a standard cabin, weighs 39,000 pounds, and measures 237 inches long, 136 inches tall, and 111 inches wide. The John Deere 9420T tractor can be fitted with track tires, up to 30 inches wide.

Price 88,200 USD
Manufacturar John Deere
Model 9420T
Year 2004
Condition Used
Engine Horsepower 425 HP
Track Size 36 in
Hours 5,800

Used 9420T Tractor

Used 9420T Tractor to know more about the specs of a John Deere tractor, you can check the dimensions and specs listed below. These specifications will help you determine whether this particular model is suitable for your needs. If you’re considering buying a John Deere 4WD tractor, you should consider factors like terrain and accessibility. If you’re looking for an efficient tractor that will do the work you need to be done, the John Deere 9420T is the one for you.

Looking for a used John Deere 9420T tractor for sale? BigIron’s online classifieds service has the perfect John Deere for you. This item is in mint condition and only two years old, which means it’s in like-new condition. It’s hard to find a tractor of this age that’s in this good of shape! It’s also in a low price range, so don’t hesitate to contact me today.

9420T Tractor John Deere Price

9420T Tractor John Deere price ranges from $64,900 to $112,500. The tractor comes with a 6-cylinder, 335 HP Max Power engine that produces 824 cu in displacement. Its features include PowerShift Transmission, Hydraulic power, wet disk, and a strong, rugged design. Its Electro-hydraulic type Hitch Draft Control Load Sense provides smooth, reliable functioning.

It’s the biggest tractor from the company, pushing 620hp with a Cummins QSX15 or B20 diesel engine. It weighs 54,000 lbs. at its base weight and up to 62,000 lbs. at full ballast. It is also John Deere’s largest tractor, with a 62,000-pound ballast level. If you’re in the market for a new tractor, don’t wait to find a good deal. There are several different dealers nationwide.

In addition to the price, you can also read customer reviews and get a detailed review of the tractor before making a purchase. The manufacturer’s website also includes helpful information about the product’s mileage and loan/installment options. If you’re not sure about purchasing a tractor online, it’s worth taking a look at the prices on the John Deere website. You’ll be glad you did.

John Deere Tractor For Sale

John Deere Tractor for sale another popular model is the John Deere 9470R Scraper Special tractor. It uses a Cummins X15 15-liter engine coupled with an 18-speed PowerShift transmission. This tractor is capable of handling 570hp, which is enough to meet the requirements for the US, Canada, and Europe. Its overall operating weight is 45,000 lbs. A tractor with these specs is sure to be a good purchase.

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Machine Location: 425 South Main Street White Hall, Illinois 62092
Phone: (217) 374-2138

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John Deere 9420T tractor prices vary according to models. John Deere 9420T tractor price 88,200 USD on our site.

John Deere 9420T is definitely one of the top tractor brands. It has powerful engines and a wide variety of models. If the model you need is the 9420T model, you should review this posting.

John Deere 9420T Engine power (gross) details are as follows. Engine:425 hp 316.9 kW PTO (claimed): 302 hp 225.2 kW Drawbar (tested):323.43 hp 241.2 kW PTO (tested):346.53 hp 258.4 kW

John Deere 9420T Fuel tank capacity details are as follows. Fuel:320 gal 1211.2 L Hydraulic system:27 gal 102.2 L

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