John Deere 6145M Tractor For Sale **125,900$**

John Deere 6145M tractor for sale if you are considering purchasing a new John Deere 6145M tractor, then you may have heard of John Deere. The brand name comes from the Deere & Company, which produces farm and forestry machinery, heavy equipment, diesel engines, lawn care equipment, and other products. Here are some of the things you should know about this company. Listed below are some of the most popular products from the company. If you are considering purchasing a new tractor, read on to learn about the benefits.

For hunting squirrels and other small game, consider purchasing a 6145M John Deere. Its high accuracy will allow you to head-shoot squirrels and other game without compromising on your safety. Its long range of 40 yards is perfect for squirrel hunting. It also comes with a ten-round rotary magazine and a scope mounting rail. Its trigger is one of the most accurate you can get in the industry, with 5.5-6.5 pounds of pressure needed to disengage the sear.

Price 125,900$
Year 2021
Manufacturer JOHN DEERE
Model 6145M
Hours 1,104
Condition Used
Warranty Yes
Warranty Type Original
Warranty Expire Date 1/22/2023
Description 1104 hrs., AutoTrac Ready, PQ PLUS 24/24, 3 SCV, 420/80R46, mirrors, 540/1000 PTO, CAT III hitch, sway control blocks, R&P rear axle, warranty 'til 1/22/2023, ext. comp. warranty 'til 1/21/2026 or 5000 hrs. ($250 ded.)
Rear Three Point Hitch Yes
Front Tire Configuration Singles
Rear Tire Configuration Singles
Cab Yes
Rear Remote Hydraulics 3
Air Yes
Heat Yes
Radio Yes
Auto Guidance Ready Yes
Drive MFWD
Engine Horsepower 145 HP
Transmission Type Power Quad
# of Forward Speeds 24
# of Reverse Speeds 24
Rear PTO Yes
Rear PTO Speed 540/1000
Rear PTO Size 1 3/8
Differential Lock Yes

6145M John Deere Used

6145M John Deere used throughout the company’s history, 6145M John Deere has continued to evolve. The company started manufacturing tractors in the early 1900s and diversified into other fields. By the 1920s, Deere began producing buggies, tractors, and other implements. This continued to grow and expand during the 20th century, allowing the company to produce more products and a larger range.

The PowerTech Series is one of the most popular diesel engines on the market. John Deere introduced this series of engines in 1996 in response to the EPA’s Tier Regulations. The powertech platform is John Deere’s engineering plan to produce emission-compliant engines. The company’s commitment to environmental protection has earned it the distinction of being the first major manufacturer to meet the Tier IV emission standards.

John Deere 6145M Price

John Deere 6145M price company has also used its size to buy up dominant producers in other sectors. In 2017, Deere acquired the world’s largest road construction equipment maker for $5 billion. The company also bought a timber harvesting machinery company for an undisclosed amount in 2000. By using public resources to seize private profit, it has been accused of misusing its size to bully competitors and customers. The company’s profits are hidden from the government by using complex financial shell games.

The John Deere story starts in Rutland, Vermont. The blacksmith who founded the company bears his name. John Deere, born in 1822, was a skilled blacksmith and opened a shop in Grand Detour, Illinois, in 1837. After earning his degree, Deere realized that the iron plow he had used in Vermont would not work on the prairie soil. The plow he developed was an innovation in the agricultural industry, and would eventually become one of the most popular farm implements.

However, it may have traveled a long distance before reaching U.S. soil. To find the best tractor for your needs, shop for one made in the U.S., but it is worth the trip. You’ll be glad you bought a John Deere 6145M tractor!

John Deere 6145M Specs

John Deere 6145M specs aside from a great tractor, Deere’s legacy includes his family. His great-grandson, Charles Deere Wiman, started working as a line worker in the company, and eventually rose to become its president. Wiman dedicated his life to John Deere and he made sure the company was a success. Eventually, Charles Deere even produced bicycles, including the famous Deere Leader and Roadster. The company went global in 1912, with manufacturing companies in Canada and the United States.

Born in Rutland, Vermont, John Deere 6145M was the third son of William Deere. His father disappeared in 1808 and his mother raised him. Deere received his education in public schools and was able to begin his apprenticeship as a blacksmith at the age of 17.

John Deere’s business continued to grow rapidly. In 1847, he sold his shop to Andrus and moved to Moline, Illinois. The river provided power for the factory, and riverboats brought raw materials and plows to market. The company reached an output of 10,000 plows annually by 1857. In 1868, the company incorporated, and John Deere and his partners created the company name Deere & Company. John Deere was active in civic and community affairs in his home town, and he was elected second mayor of Moline, Illinois in 1873.

Seller Information
Phone:(918) 630-5598
Contact:Brent Hogan
Machine Location: 6386 Hwy 69 Porter, Oklahoma 74454

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John Deere tractor prices vary according to models. John Deere 6145M tractor price 125,900 USD on our site.

John Deere is definitely one of the top tractor brands. It has powerful engines and a wide variety of models. If the model you need is the John Deere 6145M model, you should review this posting.

John Deere 6145M Engine power (gross) details are as follows. Engine (gross): 145 hp 108.1 kW Engine (max): 153 hp 114.1 kW

John Deere 6145M Fuel tank capacity details are as follows. Fuel tank: 70 gal 264.9 L Exhaust fluid (DEF): 4 gal 15.1 L

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