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John Deere 6140R Tractor for sale if you’re looking for a used John Deere 6140R tractor, consider buying a John Deere. This company makes a variety of heavy equipment, including forestry and agricultural machinery. You can also purchase diesel engines and drivetrains for heavy equipment, tractor, and more. Below are just a few reasons to buy a 6140R John Deere. The brand has been around for over 100 years and continues to grow. The company’s products have a wide variety of uses, so you’re sure to find a machine that works for you.

The city’s location along the Mississippi River made transportation and water power easier. The company began manufacturing plows in 1850 and eventually produced over 1,600 plows each year. In the following years, Deere grew to become active in civic activities and was elected the second mayor of Moline in 1873.

Year 2015
Manufacturer JOHN DEERE
Model 6140R
Hours 1,740
Serial Number 1RW6140RCFR017044
Condition Used
Stock Number 5132

Used 6140R John Deere

Used 6140R John Deere the company’s success is based on its ability to adapt and change. After a turbulent start in the 1930s, the company found itself in an increasingly competitive environment and began to cut back on its production and costs. The company had to make drastic changes to survive, including mass layoffs and reduced hours of work and vacation days. The company did not close its doors, but did offer unemployed employees group insurance, lowered rent in company housing communities, and implemented a “make work” program. Despite these challenges, the company eventually recovered, regaining its footing in the industry.

After leaving Vermont, John Deere 6140R settled in Grand Detour, Illinois, a small town located within a horseshoe-shaped bend on the Rock River. The river took a detour around the village. He and his wife Demarius Lamb married in 1834 and had five children together.

John Deere 6140R For Sale

John Deere 6140R for sale the company’s innovative and powerful engines made John Deere’s reputation as a leader in the agricultural industry. A steam tractor, a modern version of a farm tractor, lasted for thirty years before being replaced by modern diesel and gasoline tractors. The company had no competition in this era. By the middle of the 1890s, bicycles became popular modes of transportation. In 1894, John Deere produced three bicycle models. Production ended after the craze died down.

As a child, John Deere’s early life was full of hardship. His father left for England in 1804 and disappeared. He grew up with his mother and learned the trade of blacksmithing. At age 17, he began his apprenticeship with Captain Benjamin Lawrence in Middlebury, Vermont.

After the company began selling farm machinery, Deere’s generosity grew. He lent credit to countless struggling farmers and even forgave debts. The company’s first year of business saw the production of 10,000 plows, earning it the nickname “singing plow.”

John Deere 6140R Specs

John Deere 6140R Specs; In 1836, John Deere moved to Grand-Detour, Illinois. He worked as a blacksmith there and soon established a shop. In 1837, Deere made a partnership with Leonard Andrus. His partnership with Andrus led to the first commercially successful steel plow. By 1847, production had increased to a thousand plows a year. Deere and Andrus moved to Moline, Illinois, and incorporated the company in 1868.

The company quickly began to sell plows. By 1839, Deere had sold thirty-six of them to local farmers. Within a few years, he had sold over 1,000 plows.

The quality of a tractor job is greatly affected by the quality of the job it is doing. Without the proper input from an operator, it may not be able to produce the desired results. To make the best decisions for your operation, it’s important to collect data as accurately as possible. If it’s not accurate, it may be worth getting a new tractor. It can increase your crop yield and reduce your cost.

Seller Information
Phone:(330) 462-7055
Machine Location: 2491 US 62 Winesburg, Ohio 44690

John Deere 6140R Tractor General
Clean Tractor! -- Premium R Series! -- 6 Cylinder Engine, NO DEF! -- H360 Loader -- 4 Rear SCV's w/Electronic Controls -- Firestone Radial Tires - 16/16 Power Quad -- Trucking & Financing Available
2015 JD 6140R
-Cab w/Heat & A/C
-Premium Touch Screen Command Center
-1740 Hours
-140 Engine Hp
-111 Pto Hp
-6 Cylinder JD Diesel Engine w/Turbo
-NO DEF Required
-Engine Glow Plugs
-w/JD H360 Quick Attach Loader
-Premium Joystick on Armrest w/Shift Controls
-Deluxe Single Point Connector for Loader Hoses
-7' Quick Attach Bucket
-Global Carrier
-Grill Guard
-Front Weight Carrier
-16 Speed PowerQuad Transmission
-Power Reverser
-Power Steering
-Differential Lock
-4 Deluxe Rear Hyd SCV's
-Deluxe Electronic SCV Controls
-540/1000 Pto
-e/Hitch w/External Controls on both rear fenders
-Deluxe Telescopic 3 Point Arms
-Top Link
-Rack & Pinion Rear Axles
-Cast Rear Centers
-Firestone Radial Tires
-14.9R46 Rear Tires @ 70%
-14.9R30 Front Tires @ 70%
-Tires are not Loaded
-Front & Rear Work Lights on Cab
-Beltline Lights
-Front & Rear Wiper
-Corner post Exhaust
-2 Panoramic Entry Doors
-2 Deluxe Power Electric Exterior Mirrors
-Deluxe Air Ride Seat
-Buddy Seat
-Hand & Foot Throttle
-Multi-Power Strip
-Rear View Mirror
-Front & Rear Sun Visor
-Cup Holder
-Good Condition!
-Trucking & Financing
-We take Trades!

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John Deere tractor prices vary according to models. John Deere 6140R tractor price 119,800 USD on our site.

John Deere is definitely one of the top tractor brands. It has powerful engines and a wide variety of models. If the model you need is the John Deere 6140R model, you should review this posting.

John Deere 6140R Engine power (gross) details are as follows. Engine (gross): 140 hp 104.4 kW Engine (max): 154 hp 114.8 kW

John Deere 6140R Fuel tank capacity details are as follows. Fuel tank: 94 gal 355.8 L

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