John Deere 6140M Tractor For Sale

John Deere 6140M Tractor For Sale is the brand name of the company Deere & Company. The company manufactures heavy equipment, forestry machinery, diesel engines, lawn care equipment, and more. Their products are used throughout the world and can be used by anyone looking for a John Deere 6140M quality tractor. They even manufacture some lawn care equipment. You can find a variety of John Deere products at many local dealers, so there’s no reason not to check out the company and its products.

Price 59,800$
Year 2014
Manufacturer JOHN DEERE
Model 6140M
Hours 10,500
Serial Number 1L06140MEDG780556
Condition Used
Description 2014 JD 6410M, Completely serviced and field ready. New Fire Stone tires, 10500 hrs. MFWD, 24x24 PWR Quad Plus trans, 3 remotes. Air ride seat. Front fenders, Rear fender ext. 540/1000 PTO, no def. Was a one owner mixer tractor, very clean and original, runs and shifts good, call after 6:00 pm if possible. $59,800. Ask for Lamar.
Drive MFWD
Engine Horsepower 140 HP
Transmission Type Power Quad

Used 6140M Tractor

Used 6140M Tractor after forming a partnership with John Gould and Robert Tate, the company’s output increased rapidly. By 1849, the company was producing 200 plows per month. By the middle of the nineteenth century, bicycles were a popular mode of transportation and John Deere began producing bicycles. The company stopped producing bicycles after the craze died down.

The company’s popularity is evident in its high-performance engines. Inline diesel six engines with turbocharger and intercooler technology power the John Deere 6140M tractor. While the company started with a saw and a piece of steel, it turned into innovation and invention that impacted the world. In fact, John Deere is one of the largest manufacturers of farm equipment. The company employs over 30,000 people worldwide, including more than a thousand in the United States.

In 1847, John Deere sold his blacksmith shop and moved his factory to Moline, Illinois. He took advantage of the river’s water power to run his factory and negotiated with Pittsburgh steel makers to buy the comparable plate. By 1857, the company was manufacturing 10,000 plows per year. After 1857, John Deere became a second-generation mayor of Moline.

John Deere 6140M Specs

John Deere 6140M Specs steel plow was created in 1837. It was designed to cut through sticky prairie soil and increase productivity. The John Deere Plow, along with other equipment, helped reshape the landscape and revolutionize farm technology. Despite its many benefits, the steel plow has a long and complicated history. If you’re looking for a tractor that is as efficient as it is reliable, you can bet it was invented by a Deere.

Deere owes much of its dominance to taxpayer-funded research that helped it stay ahead of the competition. It developed self-guiding systems for its machines after failing to develop its own. As a result, the company has benefited from technological advancement as much as it has from its own ingenuity. For example, Deere bought the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Co. after a failed attempt at developing a gas engine of its own.

In the late 1800s, John Deere 6140M began moving west to find greater opportunities. In 1830, the American economy was experiencing a period of economic instability. The company had to make many changes to stay competitive and had to adapt to this new climate. While the American economy was struggling, Deere continued to set gross sales records.

6140M John Deere Tractor For Sale

6140M John Deere Tractor For Sale although John Deere 6140M was born in Vermont, he decided to move to Western Illinois and settle in Grand Detour, Illinois. The town is located in a horseshoe-shaped bend of the Rock River and is named for the river that detoured through it. It was established in 1833 by a farmer named Leonard Andrus and included flour and a sawmill powered by the river. A few years later, the village had become a bustling community with several shops.

The history of John Deere can be traced to a moment when he was a sawmill worker in Illinois. The place must have smelled of freshly cut white oak. The country was experiencing a financial crisis and a popular song was Woodman, Spare That Tree. Despite all these challenges, Deere took the broken blade home with him and forged it into a plow.

After his successful apprenticeship in 1838, John Deere moved to Illinois’ Grand Detour town. Here, he opened a blacksmith shop. He realized that the iron plow he had brought with him from Vermont wasn’t appropriate for the prairie soil. Hence, he made a plow from a Scottish steel saw blade. Eventually, his small shop grew to encompass 1,000 plows each year.

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John Deere tractor prices vary according to models. John Deere 6140M tractor price 59,800 USD on our site.

John Deere is definitely one of the top tractor brands. It has powerful engines and a wide variety of models. If the model you need is the John Deere 6140M model, you should review this posting.

John Deere 6140M Engine power (gross) details are as follows. Engine (gross): 140 hp 104.4 kW

John Deere 6140M Fuel tank capacity details are as follows. Fuel: 91 gal 344.4 L Hydraulic system: 13.7 gal 51.9 L

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